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Skin Westchester is Awarded the Best of Westchester Award 2023

Inspired by a career in skincare, Julie Pipolo developed two skin care lines: Skin Westchester Julie in a Jar and their marquee line Swaying Butterfly, a cleaner, healthier solution to the standard products in mainstream stores. Using a range of ingredients that are rarely seen in big-box skincare, such as ergothioneine (a combination of amino acids and an antioxidant derived from mushrooms and the microalgae astaxanthin, which is 6,000 times more effective than vitamin C), Swaying Butterfly products range from serum to cure cream and everything in between. Link to Article.

Best of Westchester

Swaying Butterfly Super A Serum featured on Malibu 90265 May, 2021.  Full Article

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Swaying Butterfly featured on May, 2021.

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