Julie’s scope of knowledge and experience spans over three decades with 20 of those years working alongside critically acclaimed doctors.

During the entire time, she has been curating and delivering the world’s most innovative beauty treatments. Julie’s years of unsurpassed research and development with unbridled passion can be felt upon every application of “Love is in the Air” Neutralizing Mist and “Spread the Love” Antioxidant Defense Complex Serum. These state of the art formulas can be easily introduced into your current daily skin care routine.

We think you will agree Swaying Butterfly is a keeper!


Aimee Taylor graduated from Azusa Pacifc University in 2000 receiving her BSN. She has been practicing nursing since 2000 in critical care and addressing skin care, lasers, plastic surgery and cosmetic dermatologitic care. She loves this exciting field and helping people feel their best so they can go out and be the change in the world!


Laura Tsudome is a licensed medical aesthetician; certified laser technician. She has been delivering the industries most sought after beauty treatments in NYC for over 25 years.

Educated in Boston at one of the countries first schools of Aestheic Sciences;  Laura was a pioneer in the field of aesthetic rejuvenation in the 1990’s working with dermatologists and plastic surgeons helping them develop skin care protocols for their patients.

Laura’s philosophy centers on the idea that treatments in the clinic and at home be carefully chosen for each individual to achieve life long goals for healthy beautiful skin.

“I’ve had a wonderful career taking care of people and their skin concerns. This industry is very exciting because you never stop learning!”


Leila can frame your face by shaping your own natural eyebrows, or by microblading technique creating hair like strokes which can last up to 2 years, using top of the line products ,she customized your new brows.

She is also certified YUMI lashes technician. The treatment works by boosting and lifting each individual lash, then tinting them for luscious , darker, thicker and longer looking eyelashes which can last up to 12 weeks. It eliminates the need for everyday use of mascara and curler.

Another service is brow lamination. Using same keratin product as  lash lift creating fuller brows , more like brushed up look. Leila  also does lash tinting which is one of the most popular services during summer when you go to pool and beach without worrying about your mascara.


Kara is the owner of Kara Mac’s, A Place to Glow, got her start in the industry as a 3X master certified celebrity spray tan artist. She has been in the sunless tanning industry fr 5 years and has obtained over 2,000 clients. Among those clients are Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Iggy Azalea, models and influencers.

Kara has a unique approach to sunless tanning, making sure all of her clients receive the best spray tan they’ll ever have.

Hana Ivandic

Passionate holistic health, wellness and beauty professional with over 5 years of experience in health and fitness industry. Hanas fitness journey started at a young age after having been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. It has been her mission ever since to cultivate a healthy lifestyle and to help others to do the same. Hana is extremely skilled in building relationships, listening to the needs of her clients and empowering them to reach their goals.

  1. Manual cupping to fight cellulite, aid in muscle recovery and releasing tension in muscles and help reduce look of orange peel.    Great for fitness fanatics because of recovery and improved circulation and for those who are not so active to slim down and tome the legs by reducing cellulite.
  2. Wooden therapy – madero; great for improving the lymph flow and blood circulation, improves the tightness of the skin, muscle recovery .  Can be don on legs, back, stomach and arms to reduce fat pockets.
  3. Deep tissue – full body as a way to release the tension throughout the whole body, release the knots that might have accumulated through stress of active fitness lifestyle.  Great for all bodies and all ages.
  4. Sports massage – stronger deep tissue massage that gets to the muscles for those who are looking to reieve stress from workouts.
  5. Lymph drainage – slow strokes that can be performed on entire body in certain order to improve the lymph flow that can be stagnant.  Improves the overall quality of life, greater sense of energy and vibrance, healthier looking skin, help with joint and muscle pain, helps with immune functions and flushing out the toxins from bodily tissues.