Age Management Center

Our Age Management Center features a team of experts, under the leadership of Julie Pipolo, licensed medical aesthetician, specializing in different areas of skin care to offer the total package and maximize results.

We are committed to each client and their needs by reviewing their current skin conditions and offering a plan of correction. This will help to continuously improve their skin for the long-term.

Featured Products
Power Up Your Skin
Super Serum - Antioxidant Defense Remedy
Repair + Restore  Soak up the benefits of our superstar ingredient Astaxanthin (6000 x more effective than vitamin C) enhanced by the power of Ergotheinine Amino Acids which promotes new energized collagen production.
Ergo Energizing Spray

Energize + Neutralize Create your own neutralizing protective ozone layer with Ergotheinine’s Skin strengthening Amino Acids to Sheild against daily aggressors.


Skin Silk

Radiate + Regenerate This ultra nourishing nightly resurfacing serum aids in your skin’s nightly regenerative processes. Wake up to noticeably fresher, younger looking skin.


Plump + Protect The Colostrum Cure Creme (locally sourced, naturally derived from goats milk) saturates your skin with optimal nutrition and powerful occurring immune boosting compounds. Calming with hydrating humectants to plump and protect.

"My skin looks wonderful! I love love the new serum from Swaying Butterfly Julie gave me. Quality!" - Mary

"A beautiful office with professional staff and results that deliver." - Karen

" - MaryJulie has a knowledge well beyond her years...she is truthful, promises and delivers results."

I just wanted to say that serum is amazing! I have not had one breakout since I started using it! Thank you thank you thank you. - Stacee

"The team at Skin Westchester is unparalleled in their knowledge and expertise and are always there to help." - Sarah

"Kindness, Joy, Happiness. That's what I feel when I walk into Skin Westchester." - Sally

"Results, results, results. Skin glows after every treatment." - Beth