Services with Julie Pipolo, GPC

Adherence to these professional treatments, combined with
a well-designed home skin care protocol and a balanced lifestyle provide optimal results.

The One-Hour Service  
The ultimate combination! A custom European facial, with dermaplaning and a firm, glow finish application. This service comes with a complete lymphatic massage. This treatment is recommended for new clients.

The Perfect Peel      
Introducing the most advanced chemical peel to date! Total skin rejuvenation in 7 days. This peel is a combination of acids as well as Retinol & Vitamin C. Your skin will be more vibrant, have more clarity and be completely retexturized. Melasma, sun spots, and/or acne scars will be minimized and corrected. Face and chest are both included in the procedure with a follow-up dermaplaning facial for a week to 10 days post treatment.

The Ultimate Revitalize
with dermaplaning   

This therapy creates micro channels to your skin , then by infusing the finest growth factors we are able to penetrate beneath the epidermis, promoting healthier and radiant skin.  Safe for all skin types. Follow this treatment with laser therpay for dramatic results!

The pigment eraser.

The 1/2 Hour Service  
This session includes cleansing the face, European-style facial, and a full face dermaplane. This treatment is recommended every 5 weeks. A collagen-firming cocktail is included to restore vibrant, firm, and glowing skin.

Youth Boost  
Applied after dermaplaning. This provides you with all the benefits of a chemical peel without the pain and downtime. Part of the Glowbiotic MD line containing probiotics and lactic acid.

Restore Hair, 10 Sessions, 1/2 Hour Each       
This all-natural cutting-edge treatment solution is for both men and women.  It treats the scalp while it nourishes and repairs the hair follicles.

Custom Add Ons
Glow & Go  (Vitamin C & Lactic)  |   The Firm Boost   (TCA & Hyaluronic)
LED  |  Dermacycling  |  Sculplla

Services with Angela Iaco

Hour Derma Plane 

Ultimate Healing Peel

Salicylic Peel 20-30%
This Beta Hydroxy peel, is perfect for most acned of skin and results in minimal downtime with major benefits.

The Back Facial 
This treatment is for an acne-scarred back, complete with a Salicylic peel and thorough cleaning with extractions.

Eyebrow Shaping 
With a tweezer and scissor, Angela will transform your brows.

1/2 Hour Derma Plane

Eyelash Tinting

Eyebrow Tinting

Ear Candling  
The treatment has the power to improve hearing and physical balance, cleanse toxins left by medications, eliminate ear pain (great before flying), and help with allergies and migraines.