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Soak up the benefits of this power packed, super star. Studies from The National Institute of Aging (NIH) have shown Super Serum to have the highest conversion rate of free radicals, when applied daily.

 Our clients saw an 84% improvement in 7 days in skin hydration, sun damage, reduction in irritations and redness, hormonal acne, and elasticity.

To top it off, we’ve added 18 additional antioxidants having us ask ourselves “What doesn’t this serum do!

Featured Ingredients:

Micro Algae Astaxanthin  Antioxidant (6000 x more effective than vitamin C)

Ergotheinine  Amino Acids + Antioxidant derived from naturally sourced mushrooms

Lipochroman-6 anti-inflammatory brightening agents that  promote new energized radiant skin

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Directions for use: Apply Super Serum to face and décolleté daily a.m./p.m. for maximum benefits after misting with ERGO Energizing Mist.

All skin types
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